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Aleksei Udovenko

I do research on various topics in cryptography and create related tools. I also participate in many competitions, including CTFs, cryptographic, algorithmic and mathematical contests.

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PGP key: DF09 F31F BB77 E88F (keybase)

Talks / Presentations

14 Sep 2023CHES 2023

Cryptanalysis of ARX-based White-box Implementations
04 Sep 2023BFA 2023

On Division Property and Degree Bounds
19 Jun 2023ACNS 2023

Meet-in-the-Filter and Dynamic Counting with Applications to Speck
17 May 2023University of Innsbruck

From Gray-box to White-box Cryptography
25 Aug 2022SAC 2022

Advancing the Meet-in-the-Filter Technique: Applications to CHAM and KATAN
25 Aug 2022SAC 2022

Revisiting Meet-in-the-Middle Cryptanalysis of SIDH/SIKE with Application to the $IKEp182 Challenge
01 Jul 2022Separating Integer Points in Polyhedra (Eurandom, TU Eindhoven)

Applications of Integer Programming in Symmetric-key Cryptography
11 Dec 2021ASIACRYPT 2021

Convexity of division property transitions: theory, algorithms and compact models
22 Oct 2021EUROCRYPT 2021

Dummy Shuffling against Algebraic Attacks in White-box Implementations
22 Jan 2020Dagstuhl Seminar 20041

Attacks on the Legendre PRF
19 May 2019WhibOx 2019

Synthesis tools for white-box implementations
07 Jun 2019Lattice Seminar (University of Luxembourg)

Finding small solutions to low degree polynomials and an attack on RSA
09 Apr 2019PhD Defense (University of Luxembourg)

Design and Cryptanalysis of Symmetric-Key Algorithms in Black and White-box Models
05 Dec 2018ASIACRYPT 2018

Attacks and Countermeasures for White-box Designs
11 Oct 2017CARDIS 2017

Optimal First-Order Boolean Masking for Embedded IoT Devices
09 Mar 2017GRSRD 2017

Design Strategies for ARX with Provable Bounds: SPARX and LAX
17 Aug 2016CRYPTO 2016

Cryptanalysis of a Theorem: Decomposing the Only Known Solution to the Big APN Problem
22 Mar 2016FSE 2016

Algebraic Insights into the Secret Feistel Network

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